Company Overview

Company Overview

Any overview of Evan Fastening Systems has to start with a look at our 100+ people who operate them. When our customers think of Evan Fastening Systems, they think of our user-friendly, professional and ready to assist China Team that serves them best on a daily basis.


Backed by our global sourcing, quality, and logistics operations, Evan Fastening Systems is a China local, one-stop Fastener source for OEM supplies, That includes a broad core inventory of commonly used products, as well as items that are custom-stocked to meet individual customers' needs.  


Evan Fastening Systems is a China Leading supplier of industrial fasteners to a variety of industries, including computers, telecommunications, medical, entertainment, original equipment manufacturers and military.


As a full service Fastener supplier, we offer a wide range of products at your fingertips for immediate delivery. We can supply any standard and customized fasteners with small minimum orders and competitive pricing. Evan offers the widest selection of metric dimensioned components available from a single source. You can choose the style, size, material and finish that's just right for your application.


Evan Fastening Systems has been committed to customer service since its founding. An eager, informed inside sales staff and field sales staff are waiting to help you. We are available to answer your questions,  we do whatever it takes to get the right product to you on time. 


Evan Fastening Systems believes first impressions are critical. From quality and performance to aesthetics and ergonomics, we know small touches make a big difference. That's why the Evan people are passionate with our customers to create innovative fastening  solutions aimed at enhancing our customers' products. Our talented, committed and frequently-connected team of associates collaborate with our clients, and with each other, to understand and respond to our customers' fastener needs. Together, we seek to leverage our global resources and deliver customers proven solutions, while reducing the overall cost and cycle time of customers’ projects. 


Evan Fastening Systems take a flexible approach to support China local customers – sourcing products, making emergency deliveries, managing a lean flow of inventory to points of use, and leveraging our services, solutions and specialists to drive continual business improvements.


Global, China Local product and China local people: these are the cornerstones of our value proposition.  Evan Fastening Systems is a China Local fastener company, we know what our customers want as we are local. We use our global and China resources to be one of the best China local fastener suppliers in our China market. 


Open a fastener world of possibilities. Turn to Evan Fastening Systems for proven experience, innovative solutions and industry-leading support.


Cost Savings Opportunities
Can a supplier help you become more profitable?  At Evan Fastening Systems, this is our core value proposition.  Here's a look at some of the ways we can help you drive down the total cost of ownership, so you can focus more resources on things that create value and generate profits. 

■  Inventory Reduction. Our inventory allows us to stock high-use and critical inventory within minutes of our customers.  Because it's on our inventory, it doesn't have to be on yours. 

■   VMI.  Evan Fastening Systems can manage a lean flow of inventory to your points of use, improving productivity and cash flow.  

■   Vendor Consolidation. As an efficient one-stop source Fastener supplier, Evan Fastening Systems can help you leverage spending and streamline costs/time required to manage multiple vendors. 

■   Product Standardization/Substitutions. Evan Fastening Systems representative can identify redundant requests and opportunities to convert to more cost-effective alternatives. 

■   Exclusive Brand Conversion. Made by best-in-class domestic and global manufacturers, our Brand product lines present opportunities to reduce cost without sacrificing quality or innovation. 

■   Global Sourcing/Direct Import Service. Evan Fastening Systems customer service team work with our sourcing team to source per-print items.  

■   Custom Manufacturing. With our own manufacturing facilities, and skilled machinists, Evan Fastening Systems quickly produce critical parts to keep your operation running.  Bulk orders can be released and stocked locally just in time for production. 

Based on the information gathered from our customers, Evan Fastening Systems can achieve specific cost savings goal.  Implemented solutions include kanban, just in time (JIT),  point-of-use delivery stations, and other lean concepts. 


Inventory Management

Looking to reduce total costs, increase productivity, and avoid critical stock-outs? Evan Fastening Systems can help by stocking inventory (so it’s not tying up cash on your shelves) and taking on the burden of inventory management (so you can focus on core activities).


Key Features & Benefits
■    Ability to deliver to the point of use means less inventory build-up and fewer inventory touches

■    Significant vendor consolidation opportunity; ability to supply virtually any fastener needs

■    Reduced paperwork through a touch-less reordering process (blanket Pos and etc.)


Which Solution Is Right for You?

When it comes to inventory management, we live by two rules: never over-stock you, and never let you run out. Beyond that, it's up to you – your program will be tailored to support your operation and business goals. Here’s a look at our core solutions: 


Evan Managed Inventory
Evan provides clean, professional bins and keeps them continuously filled as part of a clearly defined service agreement. 


Production Line Support

Our flexible solutions include point-of-use replenishment, and just-in-time systems (kanban, 2-bin, etc.) – all backed by Evan professional service and our industry-leading sourcing, quality and logistics resources. 


In-Plant Location
Evan can set up a point-of-sale location within your facility. Features include consigned on-site inventory, and Evan-managed inventory to the point of use. 



Inventory & Product Solutions
Custom Packaging
From kitted parts with custom labeling to complete "install and assembly" kits


Do you have projects that require kitted parts?

Evan can do the pre-packaging for you, allowing you to free up time, labor resources, and production space. Through our packaging facilities, we can custom package virtually any combination and quantity of parts to meet your needs.

■    Customer-supplied parts, instruction sheets, etc. can be added to any kit

■    Every kit is weight verified to ensure accuracy

■    Strict quality control through our ISO 9001:2000 programs, with competitive pricing and fast lead times


Install & Assembly Kits
Our popular Install & Assembly kitting service is a cost-saving solution for companies that ship products unassembled. Each assembly component is individually pre-bagged per your specified quantities. These "pre-bags" are then labeled (w/part number, description, quantity, etc.) and packed. 


Inventory Management
We can provide just the right amount of inventory, when and where you need it to minimize your total cost of ownership


OEM Fasteners
Evan Fastening Systems is a China local fastener industry leading company. To support our thousands of OEM customers in China, we’ve developed the secure and efficient direct materials supply chain in the industry.


Evan's Engineering & Design Support Team
Need fastener application engineering support? Call in the Evan Engineering & Design Support team. Our team of degreed engineers and lab technicians can provide the information and expertise you need to make the best possible fastener selection, usage, and design decisions.

Evan's in-house team of engineers and lab technicians can provide consultation and testing to meet your fastener application needs.


Technical Questions About Fasteners
Our knowledge of the industry standards, fastener technology, and fastener materials ensures an accurate and timely response to virtually any fastener related question. 

Most fasteners are made to comply with one or more standards. Some of the many organizations that write fastener standards are:

■    DIN

■    ISO

■    GB

■    ASTM

■    ANSI

■    ASME

■    SAE 

Standards are absolutely necessary -- otherwise, you'd never know what sort of performance to expect from a fastener -- but realistically, most end users won't be able to understand all of the specifics of these standards.

The Evan Engineering & Design Support group is familiar with the standards that cover the fasteners we sell. We can translate them into Chinese anyone can understand. We're here to help you make sure you have the correct product for your application. 


Fastener Failure Analysis
Through detailed investigation, we can determine the root cause of failure and provide recommendations to correct or eliminate the problem.


Evan has our own laboratory with equipment that can help you uncover the causes of fastener failures.


We have processes in place to gather parts and details surrounding the failure event. We then look at both the failed piece(s) and unused parts from the same lot, while also reviewing details about the assembly, field conditions, loads experienced by the fastener, and other factors. Laboratory testing will confirm whether there are any issues with that lot of parts. The failed fastener itself may also provide clues, so don't throw away the broken fastener; save it and protect the fractured surfaces (with bubble wrap or something similar). If our fastener testing shows that the parts meet the appropriate standards, we will work with you to find the root cause of the failure.


Although the fastener is the first item that gets the blame when there is a failure, our experience is that the fastener will meet the specs it was intended to meet the vast majority of the time. At that point putting our engineers and equipment to work for you can save significant time in analyzing the situation -- and preventing future failures. 


On-Site Fastener Trainings

Evan Engineering & Design Support fastener experts can provide detailed trainings to help you make the most efficient use of your fasteners.


The Evan Engineering & Design Support group host dozens of on-site training sessions each year at our customers' facilities. These trainings are all customized to meet the needs of the customer and targeted specifically for the intended audience. Whether it's training for a group of design engineers, quality staff, or line workers, our targeted fastener training can help you increase "up time," reduce assembly time, and minimize field failures.


Our basic fastener training includes hands-on time with torque/tension equipment and takes most of a morning or afternoon. We have provided shorter sessions, but two hours is generally the minimum required to get a significant benefit from the training. Longer, more in-depth sessions can take up to an entire day. The Evan Engineering & Design Support group is flexible enough to train multiple groups on multiple shifts -- whatever works best for you.


Share your training goals with us and we'll work with you to provide a program that will exceed your expectations -- and deliver an excellent return on your investment. 


Product and Process Analysis
Let us analyze your product and observe the assembly process to optimize your fastener usage and reduce your cost of production. 


Services include:
■    On-Site Manufacturing & Engineering Services

■    Product & Process Analysis (Teardowns)

■    Technical Advice on Fasteners

■    Bolted Joint Design Analysis

■    Application-Specific Testing

■    On-Site Fastener Trainings & Seminars

■    Technical Resources

■    Part Consolidation & Standardization

■    Documented Cost Savings


Quality Assurance
Quality is deeply rooted in our company DNA. We have implemented full product traceability. We are ISO quality registered. Today our tradition of quality continues with industry-leading systems that encompass the following concepts and resources:


ISO 9001:2008 Operations

To ensure strict product quality, we’ve built our company functions around the ISO 9001 standard.


Unmatched Product Expertise

We direct our internal Quality operations daily.


State-of-the-Art Testing Labs
With a multimillion-RMB investment in lab equipment, our product testing capabilities range from dimensional inspections to destructive and non-destructive evaluation. Learn more about our lab equipment and capabilities.


Stringent Supplier Selection, Testing and Monitoring

Evan has implemented numerous processes to ensure that only high-quality products enter into our supply chain. That includes on-site audits, multiple levels of product testing, and continuous supplier monitoring. 


Customer-Specific Quality Management Systems

Evan’s Quality team is ready to work with your company to establish a Quality Management System that is tailored around your specific requirements such as PPAPs, additional testing/inspection verification, and first article inspection. Learn more about how we can customize a program to support your needs.


Material Declarations, REACH and RoHS

The global market is becoming more transparent in terms of the composition of the materials used in both consumer and industrial products. Evan is keeping pace by providing deeper information for customers that require REACH and RoHS compliant products. 


Product Sourcing
Put our global sourcing, QA, procurement, and logistics strength to work for you


Calibration & Lab Testing

Dimensional, mechanical, and chemical analysis; calibration of testing/measuring equipment


Evan Engineering & Design Support

Our engineers can answer your technical fastener questions, provide application testing and training, and help you optimize fastener usage during production.


Quality Assurance

Manufacturing Services
Custom Manufacturing
We make the unavailable part available -- from short run specials to high-volume cold headed fasteners


What can Evan do for its strategic partners (Key Accounts)?
■    Improve cash flow

■    Reduce procurement costs

■    Re-engineer internal processes

■    Commodity management

■    Document cost savings

■    Consolidate vendors

■    Summary billing

■    Production line support

■    Eliminate non-value-added activities

■    Integrated supply

■    Vendor managed inventory

■    Increase inventory turns 

By monitoring usage patterns and working with customers to forecast production needs, we’re able to fulfill the majority of transactions, representing same-day service opportunities. Our VMI programs further streamline the process, ensuring a lean flow of inventory at the point of use before it’s needed. 


Key Competitive Advantages
Why do so many businesses turn to Evan to meet their industrial Fastener supply needs? Here's a look at some of the cornerstones of our value proposition: 


Local sales team.  By positioning people close to our customers, we’re able to quickly respond to emergency needs, keep regularly-used supplies flowing via a Evan-managed stocking program, and take a flexible approach to source and stock non-standard items. 


Inventory Control. We can stock product and make sure you always have just the right amount, when and where you need it. 


Quality. Our ISO 9001:2008 Quality operations are anchored by stringent supplier selection, testing and monitoring procedures; multiple levels of product testing in our labs; and some of the most experienced Quality personnel in the industry. 


Products. Evan offers a spectrum of OEM fastener supplies. For you, this means significant vendor consolidation opportunities and rapid (often same-day) product solutions. 


Manufacturing. We can quickly produce everything from high-volume production fasteners to low volume fasteners and samples. 


Services. We don’t just provide quality products, we offer a spectrum of services to support our product lines – from custom packaging to engineering support and etc. Ask us about our value-added service offerings.