OEM Fasteners

OEM Fasteners




Evan combines the industry’s extensive China local service network with best-in-class sourcing, logistics, engineering,

and manufacturing resources to provide high-quality parts in ways that optimize productivity and profits. we offer a compelling value proposition for our OEM customers: dedicated local inventory and personnel, backed by consistent contract pricing and wide-ranging services, solutions and specialists.


Documented Cost Savings

Through lean practices and exceptional service, we will work to reduce your expenditures and inventory assets, increase

revenues and productivity, and continually improve your processes. Hard and soft cost savings will be captured through

our point-of-sale system and reviewed on a regular basis along with accountability reporting and key performance

indicators (KPIs), providing a clear snapshot of our business impact.

Key Cost Savings Drivers:

■   Inventory Control & Reduction

■   Global Sourcing/Import Services

■   Vendor Consolidation

■   Product Standardization and Substitutions

■   Contract Pricing


Creating Flow, Eliminating Waste

our team of professionals can collaborate with your personnel to uncover non-value-added activities. Based on the information gathered, we present a business plan to achieve a specific cost savings goal. Implemented solutions can include kanban,

just in time (JIT), point-of-use delivery and other lean concepts.


Engineering Support

Our team of fastener application engineers will be available to answer technical fastener questions

and offer solutions to standardize fastener usage, avoid application issues, and ultimately build a

better product, more efficiently. Evan’s engineering services and resources include:

■   Technical Advice on Fasteners and Fastener Standards

■   On-Site Fastener Trainings and Seminars

■   Application-Specific Testing

■   Product and Process Analysis (teardowns to identify opportunities for part reduction, consolidation and standardization)


Quality Management System

To ensure strict product quality, we’ve built our company functions around the ISO 9001:2008 standard,

With a multimillion-RMB investment in lab equipment, our testing

capabilities range from dimensional inspections to destructive and non-destructive

evaluation, including charpy, tensile, salt spray, hardness, positive material

identification through XRF and spectrometer.

Our Current Quality System Includes:

■   Documented and implemented supplier approval program with scheduled on-site audits

■   100% full product traceability

■   Sample approvals, 1st article approvals

■   Production part approval process (PPAP)

■   Tracking key internal and external and supplier performance metrics to enhance customer satisfaction

■   Documented, implemented and audited customer-specific quality management systems


Value Proposition

■   Reduced inventory/increased inventory turns; local personnel will replenish bins as often as required to stay

within established min/max levels – weekly, bi-weekly.

■   Delivery to points of use means less inventory build-up and fewer inventory touches

■   Elimination of stock outages

■   Significant vendor consolidation opportunity, ability to supply virtually any fastener need

■   Reduced paperwork via a touch-less reordering process (blanket P.O.s, and etc.)

■   Parts can be kitted, bagged and labeled to speed production time and increase traceability

■   Quality reporting detailing usage by location


Solutions Include

■   Just-in-Time (JIT) Systems

■   2-Bin Systems

■   Kanban (Inventory Signaling System)

■   Point-of-Use Delivery Stations

■   Consignment

■   Kitting Analysis/Custom-Packaging

■   In-Plant Location

■   Integrated Supply (Inventory Management of Non-Evan-Supplied


Calibration & Lab Testing

In addition to providing QC testing for Evan products, our in-house lab is equipped to provide our customers with complete mechanical and chemical fastener analysis. Product testing is conducted to internationally recognized standards (including GB, ISO, DIN,ASTM, SAE, ASME) as well as customer required specifications.

Laboratory Equipment and Services
■   Tensile Tester - Testing of externally threaded fasteners for tensile, proof load, and yield strengths; testing of internally threaded fasteners for proof loads

■   Hardness Testers - Testing hardness

■   Spectrometer - Chemical analysis for iron, nickel, aluminum, copper, and titanium based materials

■   Microscope - Analysis of grain structures and boundaries on raw material and finished product

■   Corrosion Test Chamber - Salt spray (fog) testing per ASTM B117

■   Dimensional Inspection - Utilizing ring and plug, variable thread, length, and protrusion gages, calipers, micrometers, and pitch micrometers

■   Additional Equipment - Profilometer, MicTrac, Elongation Gage, Torque Wrenches, Gage Block Set

■   Sorting equipment