Company Culture

At Evan Fastening Systems, diversity is our asset.


First, there's diversity of opportunity. From the fast-paced action of the warehouse receiving area to the challenge of putting technical data into clear, benefit-oriented ad copy, we offer a variety of rewarding career paths. We provide roles in customer service, sales, warehouse operations, finance,information systems, purchasing, merchandising, and electronic publishing. It's definitely a dynamic, growing environment with nearly unlimited opportunities to excel. 


Second, there's diversity of people. Our people have backgrounds and interests as varied as the breadth of products in our catalog. Creativity and diversity engage us as individuals and propel us as a company. 


Evan Fastening Systems is made up of individuals who are energized by solving a broad range of problems with innovative enthusiasm. We seek talented people in search of an environment where they will be forced to learn and think regardless of their formal training. We believe this kind of human diversity creates a rich, energetic workplace, bursting with original ideas and unwearied perspectives. It's what we feel is essential for our ongoing commitment to personal and company excellence. 


Our people are willing to share their creative suggestions and innovative solutions to meet the challenges we face. One thing you won't hear much of at Evan Fastening Systems is that old creativity squelcher, “we've never done it that way before.”


Our people are front-line involved with fast-paced day-to-day Evan Fastening Systems operations. We are ready to solve problems, to  figure out how to avoid future problems by analyzing what caused them in the first place. 


Having the answer immediately is less important than figuring out the right way to approach the problem. Our people grow to learn how to find the information we need to answer questions and offer alternatives. Our people are the voice of Evan Fastening Systems, we make sure we honor the commitments made. 


We value intelligence and passion for success. The paths that successful people follow here at Evan Fastening Systems are as varied as their backgrounds. Our people work and live in a rich environment in which to use our enthusiasm and creativity in many different forms.